About Us

FUN 101 FM is the #1 station for local news, sports,weather,
and fun! We take pride in being the top station in our area,
and continue to strive to bring you up to date, in-depth
news stories from our local area. We keep you informed
of all the news that you need to know. When something
happens in our area, we are  there, getting the story for you!

We play a great variety of the best mix of music from over
four decades of hits!

Join FUN 101 every day to keep up with what is going
on in all our surrounding counties. We keep you informed
and entertained morning, noon and night. We play the best
 mix of songs all day long so you can listen at work, as you
head home, and we keep you informed of traffic problems
and bring you the news. Stay tuned to FUN 101, in your
car, at your office on your computer, or on
your smartphone! We've got you covered!