Foley Named As Interim President Of Southern Crescent Technical College

Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) Commissioner Greg Dozier has appointed Ogeechee Technical College Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Ryan Foley as Interim President of Southern Crescent Technical College.

“Dr. Alvetta Thomas has been a remarkable leader of Southern Crescent Technical College as President and we wish her well as she bids farewell to the College,” said TCSG Commissioner, Greg Dozier. “Ryan will do a great job leading Southern Crescent in the interim and will build on the foundation laid by Dr. Thomas by focusing on student needs and by developing a skilled workforce for business and industry.”

Foley has more than 18 years of experience at Ogeechee Technical College, where he began his career in technical education as a Human Resource Coordinator in 2003. Since then, Foley has been Director for Enrollment Services, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

“I am excited for the opportunity to lead Southern Crescent Technical College during this time of transition,” said Foley. “The College has a wonderful history of enriching student lives through education while providing local business and industry with a pipeline of skilled talent to help them compete in the marketplace.”

Foley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia Southern University. He also earned his Doctor of Education Degree in Higher Education Management from the University of Georgia.

Statement From Marie Broder

I am extremely grateful to the voters in Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson Counties. Thank you for believing in me, my record, and my plan for the future.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made calls, sent text messages, put up signs and door hangers, waved signs, and pushed friends to the polls to vote. Thank you to those who believed in me enough to donate to this campaign. The money came from hard working people within Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson Counties and for that I am thankful.

We have hard work ahead of us in my offices. We have hundreds of cases that must be tried, and we stand ready to try them. I have an incredible staff ready to fight for victims across this Circuit. To the voters, with your voice, you have selected a proven prosecutor who is ready to work hard to keep this Circuit safe. I will fight hard to make you proud.

I will be sworn in at 4 pm by the Honorable Scott Ballard at the Spalding County Courthouse on the 3rd floor.


From the Georgia Department of Public Health (

Upson and its surrounding counties have seen record numbers of COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations in the month of January.

Upson County reported 405 new cases in January, breaking last month’s record for the highest number of cases in a single month since the beginning of the pandemic. There were 14 new deaths, the highest death toll since April 2020 when a total of 18 people died from COVID-19.

New hospitalizations were at a record high of 24. For Georgia’s Hospital Region F, which includes Upson County, the percentage of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 averaged 22% in December and increased to 37% in January, which is higher than the State’s January average of 31%.

Upson’s average test positivity climbed to a record high of 21% for the month. Upson has remained in the Red Zone for test positivity for the past 2 months.

For the combined area including Upson and its bordering counties, positive cases surpassed 2,000 and topped December’s record for the most cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Meriwether County had the highest number of cases at 419, followed by Upson County at 405. Deaths in January for the combined counties were at an all-time high of 58. Upson County had the highest death toll at 14, followed by Monroe County at 12. Crawford County had the fewest deaths at 3.

All counties in the area remain in the Red Zone for test positivity except Crawford County which has just moved up to the Yellow Zone in the past week. No counties in Georgia have been in the Green Zone since the end of December.

Upson County New Cases New Deaths New Hosp Avg 2-wk
Test Pos
March 1 – 31 5 0
April 1 – 15 134 5
April 16 – 30 77 13 (hi)    
May 1 – 15 41 10
May 16 – 31 24 6
June 1 – 15 14 (lo) 6 1
June 16 – 30 60 3 0 (lo)
July 1 – 15 38 2 5
July 16 – 31 78 (lo) 4
Aug 1 – 15 153 4 9
Aug 16 – 31 37 6 5
Sept 1 – 15 65 4 7
Sept 16 – 30 73 3 7
Oct 1 – 15 29 6 10 6.60%
Oct 16 – 31 16 3 7 4.40%
Nov 1 – 15 35 0 (lo) 1 6.00%
Nov 16 – 30 63 0 (lo) 6 10.90%
Dec 1 – 15 57 0 (lo) 4 11.70%
Dec 16 – 31 189 (hi) 1 8 15.60%
Jan 1 – 15 246 (hi) 2 14 (hi) 23.40%
Jan 16 – 31 162 12 10 18.70%
Source: Daily Reports from GA Department of Public Health
JANUARY 1 – 31, 2021
County New Cases New Deaths Zone
Upson 405 14 Red
Pike 252 4 Red
Lamar 353 6 Red
Monroe 352 12 Red
Crawford 98 3 Yellow
Taylor 95 6 Red
Talbot 89 4 Red
Meriwether 419 9 Red
Source: Daily Reports from GA Dept of Public Health
8-County Area New Cases New Deaths
Mar-20 24 0
Apr-20 405 28
May-20 266 (lo) 26
Jun-20 351 21
Jul-20 864 14
Aug-20 891 53
Sep-20 494 33
Oct-20 353 22
Nov-20 575 12 (lo)
Dec-20 1,464 12 (lo)
Jan-21 2,063 (hi) 58 (hi)
8-County Area = Upson, Pike, Lamar, Monroe,
Crawford, Taylor, Talbot, and Meriwether
Source: Daily Reports from GA Dept of Public Health