I knew I wanted to be behind a microphone the first time I heard Milo Hamilton call Atlanta Braves baseball in the mid 1960’s. I was ten years old. Fast forward to 1969 and I found myself, at the age of fourteen, doing play-by play for Little League baseball. The bug bit me and I’ve been scratching it since. Music grabbed me even before the Beatles hit Ed Sullivan, but my first album was a Beatles LP, ” Help”. My first 45 ( for those that remember those small vinyl discs ) was Three Dog Night’s, ” Mama Told Me Not To Come”.

Afterwards, I was off to the races, buying as many albums and forty five’s as my allowance and part time job allowed. I had a golden opportunity to play football at The University of Alabama under the great Coach Paul ” Bear” Bryant, but I trashed that dream my sophomore year, a decision that still haunts me everyday of my life. However, the one constant, was my passion for broadcasting. I’ve been at it since 1975. Through the years I’ve became more of a music historian, wanting to know the backstories of the songs and the artists. The only way to do it was to reach out and try for interviews and fortunately I succeeded. It never gets old.

I’ve been asked which is my preference, playing the music or calling a game. For me, it’s the play-by-play, always has been.